What Is It With Diamonds?

diamond heartYes, what is it with diamonds? Why are so many people interested in diamonds rather than all the other gemstones know to man? What is it with diamond-enhanced jewelry that makes more people long to have these for their own?


Diamond is a terminology that has been derived from old Greek origins that meant “unbreakable”. Other meanings have also been attached to its original derivation but the main meaning may be due to the substance’s hard quality.


Diamonds are stones that have been originally used by ancient civilizations particularly those known in the Eastern World. It has always been considered a valuable piece of gemstone that has been mined in India and Africa.


There are many diamonds known all over the world and the grading of diamonds will always be considered based on four general aspects – the stone’s cut, its clarity, the color, and the all-important carat. The color is categorized into six general categories based on the gradation from colorless to vivid colors.

The rarer colors seen are pink, green, orange, blue, and red. There are also diamonds that are colored black. However, most diamonds out in the market that prove to be very valuable as well are those that are colorless.


• Jewelry

The main use of diamonds is for jewelry accessories.

• Cutters

Since it is the hardest mineral found all over the world, diamond cutters prove to be valuable especially when cutting hard substances that cannot be done using all other means.

• Mechanical, Electrical, And Various Industrial Uses

Diamonds are also used for various mechanical, electrical, and various industrial uses. They are used for various computer hardware components as well. Because it is incapable of being damaged easily, diamonds prove to be necessary tools when dealing with important materials.


Because of the fact that diamonds have been proven to be invaluable objects that is used for various activities, controversies about its origins have sprung up all over the world. Many issues have been talked about especially about the involvement of slavery, conquer, and unfair justice.

Africa, being the major producer of diamonds, has been abused in several ways due to the abundance of the substance there and the fact that many conquering nations took advantage of this.

So, what is it about diamonds that makes it all so special? Considering the fact that it is one of the most expensive substances found all over the world today, many will always find it special to have at least one.

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