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Many men had approached me asking for tips and ideas to find out their fiance’s preferences for a diamond ring. I’d decided to write a quick guide to get you started below. Check it out…

Ways To Find Out Her Preferences In Diamonds

When you are searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring to tell her that you love her and want to be with her forever, it might seem easy. I mean, a diamond is a diamond – right?


Before you head out to the local jewelry store and grab just any ring, you need to research what type of diamond your soon-to-be-bride likes. This will ensure she will love the ring that you choose for her when you propose.

Here are some  tips and ideas to help you find out about her preference for diamonds:

1. Lay out some newspapers, magazines, or ads for diamond rings where she will see them. When you are both in the same room, say “Wow, look at these rings” or something of that sort to get her attention to them. While you are both looking at the rings, just casually ask her which ones she likes the best and why.

2. While you are out at the mall or a department store, steer her towards the jewelry store section. Pretend you are just browsing aimlessly and don’t head straight to the wedding rings counter. While you are looking at different rings, make a comment about which cut of jewel she likes the best, princess cut, square cut, etc. Then ask which type of metal she likes best, gold, silver, platinum and so on. This will help you to narrow down what type of ring to buy for her.

3. Find an online website that allows you to design your own engagement ring and leave it up on her computer monitor. Chances are that she will get the hint and design her “dream ring” to show you.

4. If you don’t know what size of ring she wears, find one of the rings she normally wears and take it to a jewelry store. The jeweler can size that ring and this will give you an accurate measurement of her finger size.

5. Ask her mother. Most mums would have an idea of what their daughters prefer and would be happy to tell you what type of ring to buy for her. Just make sure that her mom can keep a secret!

beautiful diamond ring

While this list may not be exhaustive, I’m sure you’ll find a couple of tips to help you discover her preferences. Once you find out the type of ring and the cut of diamond to buy, all you have to do is shop around for that perfect ring and propose.

Good luck!

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